About Us

At the present moment, St Patrick’s Mother Teresa Charity Group has at least 6 elderly voluntary ladies that prepare the food at the Church every Tuesday, starting their day at about 16h00 getting ready to serve the food at about 17h30 to the needy, presently at four sites. There is a list of 50 destitute families at present that receive a food parcel every week, and these parcels also need to be collated equally.

We rely on donations from the public as well as local businesses to provide for the needy.

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.John Holmes

At special events such as the Easter and Christmas Parties the Group is assisted by numerous additional volunteers from various organisations including the Portuguese Consulate.

We invite you to visit this main distribution site if you wish to attend as a guest or a helper every Tuesday starting at 17h30, as all help is welcome. Once all the needy have been given their share, we depart and visit another 3 sites. The first two are street sites, where an organised and orderly line is already formed at the time of our arrival. They know that there is always enough for all and more. The last site is where we leave the rest of the food, and this is a Home for Orphan children which have become victims of AIDS.