TLR Members & Donations

The Lotus Register

  • The Lotus Register donates it’s 2014 Charity contribution to us.

The yearly contribution to a Charity of the choice of the committee was awarded to us, and the option was given to accept it in monthly, or a yearly contribution.

  • Items Donated at the Noggin of 15 May 2014.

An appeal initiated by Colleen Wood was circulated in an email to all TLR members, for any donation of food, clothing or other much needed items. This was taken as a challenge and the members came in droves with contributions of food, warm clothing, toys.

Two cars were filled to the brim with these items which were handed over to us in 2 different trips, pictures of which can be seen below.

A wonderful contribution of many bags of oranges, onions, potatoes and a very large box of rice was also made. Thank you.

  • Financial Contributions by TLR Members on 15 May 2014.

A wonderful TLR member co-ordinated the accumulation of funds and other articles from her colleagues at work. A Substantial monetary contribution was made by an individual member of the TLR. Both of these amounts were used to buy blankets for distribution in the winter months ahead.

One member of The Lotus Register donated a substantial amount of funding which purchased 400 blankets which were given out on 19 June and 19 June 2014.

A big thank you to all the TLR members that have contributed big and small. It goes to a very worthy cause. Come see for yourselves. A special thank you to all the members of the TLR that have given freely of their time to assist with the preparation and handing out of the donated items, food, clothing and blankets.

Some of The Lotus Register members showed interest in donating other items on a personal basis, such as warm clothing and blankets for the coming winter distribution. A considerable amount of co-ordination was required to accumulate these items.

Click to also see Pictures of Collation of Clothing on 4 June 2014.

Below are images of TLR members as well as donations made: