Christmas Party 13th December 2016

For 50x Needy Families at Home and 500x Less Fortunate in the arears of:
La Rochelle, Linmeyer, Glenesk.

Items donated for the St Patrick’s Mother Teresa Charity Group

50x Christmas Hampers

Mr Ricky from Novo Mundo Travel Agency sponsored:

  • 50x Boxes of Tea Bags
  • 50x Packets of Sugar
  • 50x Tins of Coffee
  • 50x Packets of Cornflakes
  • 50x Packets of Milk

Mr Silverio from Novo Mundo Travel Agency sponsored:

  • 50x Whole Frozen Chickens

Mr Vieira from Josmar Industrial Properties sponsored:

  • 50x 2kg Rice
  • 50x 900 grams of Jam
  • 50x 1 litre Juice

Mrs Lena Lourenco

  • 50x 750ml Sunflower Oil
  • 50x 1kg Salt

Mr Denis Belo from Magnet Engineering sponsored:

  • 50x Packets of Mielie Pap
  • 50x Packets of Macaroni

Mr Bruno Baradas from Pick ‘n Pay Mulbarton:

  • 50x Packets of Mielie Pap
  • 50x Packest of Macaroni

Mr Brent from Kairuz Holdings sponsored:

  • 50x Loose Cabbage
  • 50x Packets of Carrots
  • 50x Packets of potatoes
  • 50x Loose Butternut
  • 50x Lettuce
  • 50x Cucumber

Mr Costa from Costa Farmers sponsored:

  • Different Vegetables for Soup

Mrs Brenda and Mr Fernando from Tiber Bonvec Construction sponsored:

  • 504x Tooth Paste
  • 504x Tooth Brushes
  • 504x Bath Soap

Mr Mannie from Luso Cycling Charity sponsored:

  • 504X Packets of Mielie Pap

Mr Jose Contente from Academia de Bacalhau sponsored:

  • 504x Packets of Rice
  • 504x Packets of Macaroni
  • 504x Packets of milk

Mr Victor Sabio from Academia Ferrugem

  • 504x Oros Ready Mix Cold drinks

Mr Sean from K.J foods

  • 100x Loafs of Bread
  • 10x Boxes of Biscuits

Mr Hendrick from The Old Apostolic Church

  • 30x Loafs of Bread

Mrs Grace from Sneaker Snacks

  • 500x Packets of Chips

Mrs Fernandes from Bernie’s Second Hand Boxes

  • 500x Packets of Popcorn

Mrs Teresa from Lions club and Mrs Lena Lourenco and Sundeal Bargain Store

  • 500x Packets of Sweeties

Mrs Colleen from the Lotus Club

  • 100kg of Chickens
  • 40kg of Rice
  • 500x Plastic Spoons
  • 500xCarry Plastic Bags

Mr Augy from Shoppe Foods

  • 500x Hot school Buns

Mr Ferreira from Pastelaria Princessa

  • 250x Bread Rolls

Mr Oliveio from Fruit Spot

  • 500x Pieces of Fruit

Mr Rego from Mawele Metal Works

  • Christmas Truck, Christmas Presents, Father Christmas

Mr Paulo from Supremelimos

  • Party bus with Christmas Carols

We thank the following sponsors for their support

  • Seculo Printers, Voz Portuguesa
  • Chronical, Southern Courier
  • Portuguese Forum Advertising, Photographers
  • Tulisa Butchery, Luso Butchery
  • Hyper Meat Electron, Meat World

Mrs Fatima from Rio Douro Fisheries

  • Spices,
  • Olive Oil,
  • Salt

Bandini Cheese

  • Coldmeats,
  • Pasta and other

To all our Anonymous sponsors a very big Thank you for all your support.

We will be closing on the 13th December 2016, we will re-open group again on the 16th January 2017, Please view our Website
To all our Sponsors, Volunteers, Families and Friends a very big thank you for all the support.and help given. Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, filled with love, Peace, Joy and happiness.

God Bless and Stay well
Gina and All Volunteers of the St Patrick’s Mother Teresa Charity group.